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Tank Rehabilitation

210,000 Gallon Potable Water Ground Storage Tank:
Town of Haughton

March 2023

84,000 Gallon Potable Water Ground Storage Tank:
Deville, LA

July 2022

Red Hill Water System

January 25, 2025

Containments and Liners

HDPE landfill liner patch being prepped for installation to repair a bad weld. .jpg
Secondary Spill Containment (Polyurea).jpg

Seamless spray-in-place Polyurea

April 2020

Custom HDPE Solutions

Portable Reinforced Secondary Spill Mats


Specialty Coatings

Lafayette Tower Roof.jpg
Nutrien Control Room Painting pic.jpg

Commercial Roofing: Lafayette Tower


Flooring: Iberia Jail Kitchen

February 2023

Exterior Waterproofing: Nutrien AG Borger Control Room

April 2023

Specialty Coatings Continued

Lafayette Tower Mural.jpg

Mural Maintenance and Restoration: Lafayette Tower

April 2023

OEM Coating Protection: Hawk Fabrication Steel Sumps

May 2023

Jail Shower Cell Lining


Supplemental Services

Drone Powered Inspection: Aerial and Submersible

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